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The Fundamentals of Boxing Certification Course is designed to educate fitness enthusiasts and Personal Trainers, on how to properly conduct, structure, and teach boxing techniques for yourself or to your clients.   This course is the first level and must complete this course prior to any other boxing course with World Fitness Academy.


The Fundamentals of Boxing Certification Course covers topics and principles associated with boxing and fitness with an emphasis on injury prevention, correct punching techniques, and pad holding...

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Why Boxing?
  • Hand Wrapping – know how to wrap your hands correctly
  • Basic Fundamentals - the stance / guard / Footwork and Rotations
  • The Jab
  • The Cross
  • The Hook
  • The Slip
  • Upper cuts & Rips
  • The Weave
  • Catch & Block
  • The Boxing Workout
  • Sign Off

World Fitness Academy Courses are developed by boxing trainers and fighters, and teach you real boxing technique!

Assessment / Pass Mark

Assessment is by the online exam with 29 questions to be answered with a pass mark of 75%.  You have 3 attempts to obtain 75% pass mark.

Length of the Course / Extension Options

The length of time allocated to this course is 4 month with an extension of 2 months can be purchased for an extra amount of $100.00 AUD.   You will receive a reminder email 4 weeks, 2 weeks and 1 week out from your course expiry date with the ability to extend for an extra 2 months at an extra cost.


The cost of this course is $250.00 USD.


Once you have passed the online exam with more than 75% pass mark you will be automatically have access to your online certificate.  You will be able to print it out immediately.

Upgrade Option

Now that you have completed the Fundamentals of Boxing Course now you are able to purchase the Advanced Boxing Drills Course.

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