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Why be like the other personal trainers?

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Are you passionate about Fitness? Do you have what it takes to make a REAL difference to people‚Äôs lives, to motivate and inspire people to reach their goals and start living a healthier, happier lifestyle?    Are you interested in learning only from the best in the fitness industry?  This Personal Training Course is designed to educate fitness enthusiasts to because a Personal Trainer and/or to refresh Personal Trainers knowledge, with up to date information.  This is the complete Personal Trainer Course includes theory online exams and practical assessments within this course. 

This International Personal Trainer Courses delivered by WFA includes an International Accreditation from the World Fitness Federation.

Course Description

Online learning has become vastly popular due to its convenience and flexibility to fit into your lifestyle. World Fitness Academy provides you with the latest technology to deliver the highest standard in education and presenters.

This course contains learning materials, online theory practice exams and practical activities to become a WFA Personal Trainer. Before you commence have a look at our Student Handbook for a guide on how it all works.  This course will allow you to work as a personal trainer within your Country.  If you are wanting to work as a personal trainer in Australia you are required to complete the Certificate III and IV in Fitness.  Please see the Australian Certification Courses.

Course Outline

Course Outline

  • The Human Body, Structure & Function
  • The Muscular System
  • The Nervous System
  • The Cardio Respiratory System
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Fitness Components
  • FITT Principles
  • Fitness Evaluation
  • Resistance Training
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Warm Ups
  • Different Populations
  • Managing Risk
  • Metabolism
  • Posture Awareness
  • Exercise Instruction
  • Referral Networks
  • Motivation & Communication

Practical Activities Outline

You are required to fill out the online:

  • Health Screening Form
  • Fitness Assessment Form
  • Postural Screening Form
  • Exercise Plan
  • Strength Program
  • Flexibility Program
  • Cardio Program

Once you have completed all of the online practice exams for each of the units and the practical activities you will need to sit the Final Exam.

World Fitness Academy Courses are developed by the most experience & best trainers in their field, to teach you the real technique!


Practice Exams: To help you with your final exam you are required to complete each chapter's practice online exam.  You must complete each exam in order. You can attempt these practice exams as many times as you can to achieve 100%.  This will help you with your final exam.

Practical Activities: You are required to perform and fill out the online Health Screening Assessment, Fitness Assessment, Postural Screening Assessment, design an Exercise Plan and design a Strength Program, Cardio Program and a Flexibility program.  Once this is completed all of the online practical exams and practical activities, you are ready to start your online Final Exam.  All practical activities must be completed to be deem competent.

Face to Face Practical: If you live in China currently the online only version is available.  If you are interested in becoming an Agent in China and or becoming an WFA Accredited Master Trainer please contat a WFA Accredited Master Trainer or please go to WFA Agents to find contact details for your area.

Final Exam: Assessment is by the online Final Exam at the end of your course with questions from each chapter to be answered with a pass mark of 75%.  You have 2 free attempts to achieve 75%.  If you do not achieve 75% within these 2 free attempts you can purchase an online exam request for $100 USD - this is conducted via Skype.  If the WFA assessor feels you are not competent then you will need to re purchase the course again.


Once you have completed all the above tasks your work will be assessed and verified by a WFA assessor.  Once you are deemed competent you will be sent an email and post out your certificate and WFA Accreditation Card to be recognized as an International WFA / WFF Personal Trainer.

Length of Course

The length of time allocated to this course is 6 month with an extension of 2 months can be purchased for an extra amount of $100.00 USD.  You will receive a reminder email 4 weeks, 2 weeks  and 1 week out from your course expiry date with the ability to extend for an extra 2 months at an extra cost.


The cost of this course is $699.00 USD delivered online only.

NOTE: All discounts can only be given via your WFA Accredited Agent.  Please see WFA Accredited Agents within your Country to receive a discount.  Currently if you go through a WFA Accredited Agents you will receive a 10% discount on Market Retail Price.  To become an WFA Accredited Agent contact WFA direct.

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