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Hundreds of useful Fitness Articles

WFA has a collection of articles on Health, Wellbeing & Fitness. Articles that have been sourced from some of the most credentialed experts within the Health, Wellbeing & Fitness industry.


Hundreds of categorized Exercises

Search our library of exercises with full explanation on how to perform, execute and teach your client correct technique which includes step by step instructions in pictures.


Stretches for all occasions

Stretching is important not only for a warm up or cool down, but especially important for our overall general wellbeing. Search our library of stretches which includes some Yoga to enjoy yourself or assist your client.


A rich library of categorized Workouts

From specific sports training workouts to general weight training or even want to get a little fitter cardiovascular wise. Search through our hundreds of workouts.


A selection of Sports Programs

WFA has designed some sports programs for those who need an extended sports program leading up to an event such as a Fun Run, Swimming, Running, Walking and Cycling just for a start. Search your sport and enjoy the journey.


Hundreds of Healthy Eating Recipes

Eat well and become healthier. Use our recipe library to find a great range of healthy (and delicious!) dishes for breakfast, lunch & dinner. With over 1000 to choose from, you'll never get bored.


A rich range of Meal Plans

WFA provides you with a range of meal plans to help you meet your objectives. Select one of the 4 week meal plans, and easily click through to corresponding recipes. Choices from with our meal plan system, you find it easy to stick to your schedule.