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The WFA Registration of Exercise Professionals is an online registry where the public and employers can identify professionals around the World who hold current, WFA / WFF-accredited exercise certifications. People can also use the registry to identify highly qualified exercise professionals in their area who can provide the leadership and expertise they need to reach their health, fitness or performance goals.

All Certified Personal Trainers are allocated a level of registration in acknowledgement of both industry experience and the industry qualification attained. The levels of Certification accommodate all existing expertise in the field and help to coordinate service delivery and provide identifiable career progression opportunities for Certified Trainers.

The following outlines the qualification and Certification term requirements for level allocation.

Registration Levels

Level 1 - 1 year of experience

Level 1 represents the beginning phase of a Personal Trainer. Level 1 Certification is learning to develop professional skills and are simultaneously beginning to apply technical knowledge within the fitness industry. Generally they are in the initial phase or learning about equipment, , and all aspects of services including health screening, fitness assessment, exercise prescription and delivery, re-assessment and program modification. Level 1 Certification should work closely with a more experience Personal Trainer.

Level 2 – 1-5 years of experience and or Body Building Competition

After 12 months of Accreditation and working within the industry, upon renewal of your certification you should be at an intermediate level, that has built on their skill and knowledge and applies it to clientele and in settings according to their role. During this stage, the professional is gaining broader experience and may typically extend their capacity and range of roles through continuing education or higher qualification. Also a Personal Trainer who has competed in a Body Building competition.

Level 3 – 5+ years of experience and or more than 1 Body Building Competition

The advanced level represents a Personal Trainer who has a more progressed level of knowledge and skill and has considerable experience to draw upon. It is expected that a professional at this stage of development can combine the use of competencies, experience and critical thinking skills in practice. This professional is most likely to assume a leadership and mentoring role for other exercise professionals. Also a Personal Trainer who has competed in a Body Building competition person more than once.


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